About the Initiative

A Unique Capacity Building Program

Supporting African governments in developing sustainable and resilient infrastructure projects

The AIFP is an initiative of the Global Infrastructure Hub, Meridiam and the World Economic Forum whose mandate is to train African civil servants active in the field of infrastructure procurement and delivery through a dedicated practical program.

It brings together government and private sector infrastructure professionals, academics, Development Banks and International Organizations infrastructure experts to create a network of practitioners and help drive systematic change in infrastructure procurement and delivery. It also provides African public sector infrastructure professionals with:

  • Tailored training by academic experts and infrastructure professionals
  • Understanding and training in the tools and resources currently available
  • ‘Hands-on’ learning through placements with private sector Sponsor Organizations
  • A network of practitioners across Africa and globally to share knowledge, insight, technical expertise and experience


A Public Utility Foundation, the AIFP has been recognized by the Royal Decree of Belgium on July 16, 2019. It mobilized a broad range of stakeholders, including the private sector, governments, bilateral development agencies, and multilateral development banks to instill confidence in all the phases of an infrastructure project (definition, preparation, implementation and management).

With an emphasis on case study analysis and practical learning, the program will provide participants with up-to-date tools in the major topics relating to infrastructure.



  • Infrastructure development is a central factor of progress across the African continent and a critical enabler for productivity and sustainable economic growth.
  • African Development Bank estimates that Africa’s infrastructure needs range from $130 and $170 billion per year.


  • Governmental ability to support resilient infrastructure systems depends on whether it has effective systems in place to implement, finance, manage, and maintain that infrastructure over the long-term.
  • The program has a focus on climate change, smart city, and resiliency issues.


  • Infrastructure investment is a key enabler of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
  • The AIFP promotes procurement models which favor strong community benefits over construction and operation periods in addition to the positive impact generated by the infrastructure projects themselves.