Building Africa’s Greatest Network Of Practitioners

The AIFP is looking for infrastructure practitioners from African governments, with at least 3 years of experience in infrastructure development projects or PPP in their countries.

Fellows will take part in a unique training initiative with other African civil servants in Paris, France. They will share experiences and learning from PPP experts at one of the leading academic institutes in the world, Ecole des Ponts ParisTech.

Organized in English, the intensive coursework in infrastructure procurement is coupled with a placement in a private sector company and/or a development bank’s infrastructure team. Moreover, the fellows have the opportunity to demonstrate to their peers that their abilities are aligned with international PPP best practices by earning the APMG Certification CP3P.


Questions about the recruitment for the 2023 Edition ?

For any inquiries, should you please contact info@aifpfoundation.org

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Application details

The fellows are selected after a three-stage recruitment process :

- Application file;

- Pre-recorded personal statement;

- Live interview with members of the Foundation.

A model built on true collaboration

The AIFP will provide participating civil servants with tailored training by academic experts and infrastructure professionals, as well as give them an opportunity to undertake ‘hands-on’ learning in a private sector Sponsor Organization.

They will also join a network of practitioners across Africa and globally, to facilitate the exchange of knowledge, insight, technical expertise and on-the-ground experience between infrastructure market participants, in both the public and private sectors.

Shape your career

AIFP fellows will graduate with a deep understanding of procurement, governance and private sector’s role in infrastructure projects. This knowledge will enable you to create better and more sustainable infrastructure, from the strategic planning phase to operations and maintenance, in rapidly growing African countries. You will also get access to the AIFP Alumni Network to stay in contact and share the best practices and advice with the other practitioners.